'It is not only in size but also in the luxury of her appointments, that the Titanic takers her place among the big steamers of the world. By the provision of Vinolia Otto Toilette Soap for her first-class passengers the Titanic also leads as offering a higher standard of Toilette Luxury and comfort at sea'.

Those of you who know my blog and I will have prior experience of my passion for all things Titanic. I try to keep writing about it to a minimum in the hope I don't seem like a one trick pony. However I recently impulse bought something from a local home ware shop which I just had to tell you all about.

It was a bar of Vinola RMS Titanic Luxury Bath Soap. Vinolia was once a famous British brand producing finest quality soaps, shaving preparations and toothpaste but alas all that remains today is their luxurious Cold Cream Bath Soap. This very same soap was provided for all first class passengers aboard the RMS Titanic as well as in all public rooms of both the Titanic and her sister RMS Olympic. The shape and fragrance remain the same to this day and one side of the box still carries the original advertisement showing the soaps alongside a handsome colour illustration of the Titanic.

Vinolia Soap is a luxurious reminder of an extinct decedent era. An expensive soap for its time, it was priced at around 35 cents a bar, which made it a little too expensive for most people, who would hesitate to spend even 10 cents for soap. This is more than likely the reason it was the choice for the First Class passengers. Many of these unlucky souls had the distinction of being some of the richest and most prominent people in the world. They were used to luxury, and the White Star Line, owner of the Titanic, wanted to make sure they had the very best soap.

This was in fact the only product to feature the ill-fated ship in advertising before she set sail. All other suppliers and partners had decided to wait until after her maiden voyage to New York as they considered the impact would be much greater then. Since she never completed the journey those other companies lost their opportunity to associate themselves with the Titanic, whilst Vinolia gained a rather macabre claim to fame in being the first and only one to do so.

The Vinolia Co. LTD has a fascinating history. Originating in England, it was in business at least as early as 1894, and more than likely for some years before that time. The company made many products with the Vinolia trademark besides its famous soap such as face and baby powders, ointments, toothpaste, perfumes, cosmetics, and shaving soap. William Lever bought the company in 1906, and the brand name still belongs to Unilever. However, the Vinolia Soap manufactured today is sold under the Pears trademark. Whoever sells it, it is quite a good soap that could hold its own and do well when compared to any soap on the market today. I display this soap proudly in my bathroom, and imagine its use back in the early 19th century. Though while a pleasing showpiece it's a drying formula which may not suit modern sensitivities (recommended for hardy Edwardian stalwarts).Vinolia Soap began to receive a lot more attention when the movie Titanic was released as more and more people became enamored of all things Titanic. If you'd like to experience what bath time was like for the wealthy passengers of this ship, I'd recommend trying a bar.