History Online, What We've Been Reading.

Here at a new regular fortnightly post at History and the Sock Merchant we review what Modern History has appeared in headlines, articles, essays, reviews and galleries around the internet in the past two weeks. Be sure to let us know about anything interesting you've read!

  • As cars got larger in the 1920s, the "Helicar" was presented as the solution to the predicted congested city streets of 1973. (The Smithsonian blog)
  • More than 15,000 images from one of the earliest and most significant collections of aerial photography are now freely accessible online for the first time at the Britain from Above website.

  • Forty five years before ambitious Chinese politician Bo Xilai fell from power accused of flirting with Cultural Revolution extremism, he stood as a teenager in front of a baying crowd that accused him of defying Mao Zedong's campaign.(The Browser)

  • The New York Gothams and the Brooklyn Eckfords, early baseball re-enactors, played on Governors Island on Saturday. Charles Klasman, 49, pitched underhand as 1864 rules dictated. (New York Times)

  • Churchill, Kennedy, Mussolini, Stalin, Truman, King - were they heroes or villains? You can look at the evidence and make up your own mind using this resource for schools. (The National Archive) 

  •  A Victorian View of the Vikings: the Victorians have had a great deal of influence when it comes to our current historical view of the folk from the lands of Ice and Fire. (The Virtual Victorian Blog)   

  • How Canada Celebrates the War of 1812 (The Smithsonian Blog) 

  • The Second World War by Antony Beevor – Review (The Guardian)

  • Reccomended Blog: 'Two Nerdy History Girls'. Bestselling authors Loretta Chase and Isabella Bradford gossip about history, writing and shoes!
  • Last week, researchers unveiled new evidence suggesting that a long-disputed portrait does, in fact, depict a thirteen-year-old Jane Austen. (The New Yorker)